Iain Explains To EU-Citizen In The UK Why She Doesn't Need To Worry

30 March 2017, 18:16 | Updated: 30 March 2017, 18:25

After months of talk, this caller was worried for her future now that Article 50 has been triggered.

Eva, a woman from an EU country who now lives and works in the UK, started by pointing out the European things we enjoy, like Italian coffee.

She also insisted that people like her aren’t here to take from the benefits systems, they’re here to work and contribute.

In spite of these points, she says the attitude towards Europeans is very negative and she can’t understand why.

“What have we done? What have we done to the United Kingdom to deserve this?” She asked.

Iain offered her some comfort with how a vast majority of Brits view people from Europe.

“Eva, deep down in your heart you know you are incredibly welcome in this country. 99.9 per cent of people welcome you with open arms.”

While this may be the case, Iain sympathised with Eva’s fears because the rights of EU citizens in Britain, and British citizens in the EU, haven't been formally agreed.

“I can understand that it’s slightly disconcerting that this hasn’t been sorted out by now.

“Michel Barnier [chief Brexit negotiator for EU] has said it will be done by the end of the year. David Davis has said exactly the same.

“If there’s good will on both sides, and one has to hope on this there is, then that will happen.”