I’m No Trump Fan, But Please Stop With These Pointless Petitions: Iain Dale

30 November 2017, 17:59 | Updated: 30 November 2017, 18:28

Iain Dale is the first to admit he is no Donald Trump fan, but he is also fed up with “lefty snowflakes” signing petitions to ban his State Visit.

Almost two million people have put their signature on an e-petition opposing the US President coming to the UK next year.

It’s after the Republican sparked uproar by retweeting three unverified anti-Muslim videos posted by Britain First on Wednesday.

Theresa May said the US President was “wrong” to do so, but he has since doubled down on his remarks, telling the Prime Minister to “focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom”.

Iain Dale Donald Trump
Picture: LBC/PA

Giving his analysis, Iain thundered: “I have to admit I don't particularly want to see him in this country but then again I didn't want to see Nicolae Ceaușescu riding up and down the Mall in a horse-drawn carriage going to have dinner with the Queen on a State Visit.

“I didn't want to see Robert Mugabe doing the same, I didn't particularly want to see President Xi doing it, I don't want to see Vladimir Putin doing it.

"Yet 1.8 million lefty snowflakes basically are signing petitions to stop the leader of the free world, the President of the United States coming.

“As a person I object to him I'm with them on that but in the end we have to respect the Office of President even if we don't respect the person who holds it.

“We live in a world where frankly we want to do a free trade deal with the United States.”

The LBC presenter added: “Let's stop all this virtue signalling, signing petitions about Donald Trump because he'll just laugh and laugh at it anyway there's no point in these petitions.

"Let's just accept that he is going to come on a visit to this country.”