Iain Dale Takes On Labour Party Chair When He Claims He Wants Election

23 October 2019, 09:40

Iain Dale was involved in a fiery row with the chair of the Labour Party after he claimed the party really do want a General Election.

Labour have insisted that they will only accept Boris Johnson's request to go to the polls when an extension has been secured to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Ian Lavery told Iain that his number one priority was to avoid a no-deal Brexit - so Iain told him the only want to guarantee that is to vote for the Prime Minister's deal.

The Labour chair insisted that is something they would never do, but Iain told him: "People listening to this will say if he's so against no deal, if he thinks it will be a complete disaster and a lot of people think that, then surely you have to agree to a deal.

"Boris Johnson has got a deal. You can say it's not a good enough deal and you'd never vote for any deal that Boris Johnson gets because you don't trust him. But then you're accepting a no-deal by default because unless you have an election, you can't be in power to do your own deal."

Iain Dale was surprised by Ian Lavery's comments
Iain Dale was surprised by Ian Lavery's comments. Picture: LBC

Mr Lavery then insisted he really does want to leave and Iain took him to task over whether that is really Labour Party policy.

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