Leave Voter Claims MPs Trying To Delay Brexit Are In Breach Of The Theft Act 1968

25 February 2019, 20:16

MPs trying to stop a “clean break Brexit” are in breach of the Theft Act 1968 and should be taken to court, a Leave supporting caller claimed.

During a bizarre phone call to LBC, a bemused Iain Dale told Ken: “I think you’re clutching at straws”.

But, the defiant caller insisted: "My vote is property and property is defined in the Theft Act 1968, it includes money and all other property real or personal".

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC

The conversation was sparked after Labour announced it would back a second referendum to stop a “damaging Tory Brexit”.

The party will support or put forward an amendment in favour of a public vote in a bid to avoid such a scenario.

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