Lib Dems can make gains in next election as an "anti-Conservative party"

2 August 2020, 13:35

Ed Davey on Lib Dems as an "anti-Conservative party"

By Seán Hickey

The acting leader of the Liberal Democrats said they must position themselves as an "anti-Conservative party" if they are to win big in the next general election.

On Iain Dale's Lib Dem Leadership Debate, Layla Moran asked Sir Ed Davey how they can win in Labour and Conservative seats in the next election. The acting leader of the party stressed that under no circumstances should the Lib Dems "do a deal with the Conservatives."

"Most of our gains will be against the Conservatives," he noted but added that if the Lib Dems are to succeed in Labour seats they need to "show that we are an anti-Conservative party."

Sir Ed stated that "many Labour supporters in the areas we want to fight will want to know we're an anti-Conservative party," if they are to convince voters.

He argued that in some Labour seats where MPs have become ineffective "we are the only opposition the public have," and they must show that.

Layla Moran said that Boris Johnson&squot;s government is "very far away" from ideal
Layla Moran said that Boris Johnson's government is "very far away" from ideal. Picture: PA

He believed that if the party should succeed in coming across as an anti-Tory party, they will be able to establish themselves in their own right to take on the Conservatives and the Labour Party."

Iain turned the screw on the conversation and asked if the Lib Dem leadership candidates put themselves across as anti-Conservative, would they both describe themselves as anti-Labour."

Sir Ed noted that in constituencies where change is needed the party would be positioned in opposition to Labour, while Ms Moran noted that she wouldn't describe herself as against anyone in principle.

She expanded and said that Boris Johnson's government is "very far away from the Britain that I want," and because of that, she would position herself against the Tories.