Michael Gove Expects To Fight The Next Election Under Theresa May

2 October 2017, 17:19

Michael Gove has told LBC he expects to fight the next general election with Theresa May as leader.

The Environment Secretary played down any rifts inside the Cabinet, telling Iain Dale Mrs May should stay on as Prime Minister for “as long as she wants to”.

Last week, Boris Johnson topped a poll among Tory members as top choice as the party’s next leader.

It’s after the Foreign Secretary made a number of high-profile interventions to put pressure on the Prime Minister’s Brexit stance.

However, Mr Gove attempted to douse any splits by insisting government ministers were “a nest of singing birds”.

He said: “The truth is around the Cabinet table when the Prime Minister outlined our approach to the EU encapsulated in her speech which she delivered in Florence there was unanimity of approval.

“On the fundamentals; a comprehensive free trade deal with Europe, a security guarantee for our European friends, making sure all our debts are honoured and a transition period of around two years - there is unanimity and that is one of our strengths.”