Nigel Farage opens up about alleged Tory party bribes

5 December 2019, 21:16

Nigel Farage opened up about the alleged offers of peerages from Number 10 in exchange for him standing down, and said Sir Edward Lister and and Dougie Smith were involved in the negotiations.

"I have on my desk right now a letter from the Metropolitan Police asking what inducements were given," said Mr Farage, "there are two acts of Parliament here that may have been breached."

"They basically tried to on the one hand intimidate and that is by getting a friendly national newspaper to publish the individual personal emails of candidates to say please send them this letter or other words if you literally try and get people in a free society to stand down as candidates."

He continued that the "good cop" was to offer "a package of peerages" - and a knighthood for Mr Farage.

"When this was put to me," he said, "the price of doing this is we wouldn't just stand down in Conservative seats, we would stand down in a whole load more seats."

He said it showed "our whole political system is broken."

Iain asked whether Nigel Farage thought the Conservatives had broken the law and he responded that he suspected they may have done.

"It sums up why people are sick of politics."