Sadiq Khan doesn't care about knife crime, campaigner claims

5 December 2019, 07:47

A campaigner told LBC she believes Sadiq Khan doesn't care about knife crime because he knows the communities involved will always vote for him.

Nimco Ali was told she was wrong by other panellists after her controversial comments on Iain Dale's Cross Question show on Wednesday.

She said: "The people that are dying are young black men and the people stabbing these young black men are young black men. Black communities in London all support Labour.

"Labour don't care. Sadiq Khan does not care because they are still going to keep voting for him.

"What the black and ethnic minority community needs to do is take their votes and vote for somebody who cares about them. If you move your votes away from the Labour Party, they will start caring."

Iain Dale challenged Nimco Ali over her comments
Iain Dale challenged Nimco Ali over her comments. Picture: LBC

Iain Dale told her: "It's a very cynical view.

"You simply cannot say that. How can you say that Sadiq Khan simply doesn't care that young black men die through knife crime? He's not just the Mayor of London, he is a human being."

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith added: "It's wrong. I don't think it's helpful to say that because you are in a particular political party, you don't care about knife crime."