Scottish independence debate reignites 'in coming weeks', says SNP's Ian Blackford

8 June 2021, 21:50

Ian Blackford says Scottish independence debate will reignite soon

By Fiona Jones

Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford confirms that the independence referendum debate will being again within the "coming weeks."

It comes after an Alba MP claimed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave Boris Johnson a "veto" on whether or not another referendum will be held.

Ms Sturgeon has vowed to push for a "legal" referendum once Scotland is through the Covid pandemic, while Mr Johnson has dismissed the idea of holding another vote soon as "reckless".

LBC's Iain Dale questioned Mr Blackford: "Scottish independence seems to have disappeared since the May elections?"

"I don't think so," Mr Blackford said, "what we've got is a Government that's getting on with the job. We've got a 100 day plan.

"What you'll see is the party nationally and indeed the Westminster group will be very much laying out the vision as to how they see an independent Scotland.

"I want us to be able to get on from process and have that debate about Scotland's future."

He continued that he wants people from all sides of the debate to come together for a discussion imminently.

He confirmed: "I'm looking forward to having that debate, and that debate will be kicking off in the course of the coming weeks."