'Do you think Matt Hancock should resign?' Iain Dale questions ex-Tory MP

22 June 2021, 05:51

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the moment Iain Dale puts a former Conservative MP on the spot asking if the Health Secretary should have been fired.

After a tough week in the spotlight for Health Secretary Matt Hancock LBC's Iain Dale asked a former Tory MP for her views.

During the regular Cross Question debate show Iain Dale asked Justine Greening if she thought Mr Hancock should resign.

Iain pointed out the Former Minister for Women and Equalities probably knew the Health Secretary better than anyone on the panel.

Edging around the question Ms Greening said she felt there needed to be an inquiry into how the coronavirus pandemic was handled.

"If the Prime Minister has significant concerns about his Health Secretary's ability to delivery the strategy they needed during the pandemic to save lives he should have replaced him with someone he had more confidence in."

It comes after the Prime Minister's former top adviser Dominic Cummings last week released WhatsApp messages from the early days of the pandemic in which Mr Johnson was highly critical of the Health Secretary.

In one exchange about efforts to expand the coronavirus testing programme, Mr Johnson complained Mr Hancock was "totally f****** hopeless".

In evidence to MPs last month, Mr Cummings said he had repeatedly urged the Prime Minister to sack Mr Hancock, accusing him of lying.

However the Health Secretary said that since the autumn, he and Mr Johnson had worked together to deliver the successful vaccination programme.