Iain Dale's Damning End Of Term Scorecard For Theresa May

28 July 2018, 10:42

As the Prime Minister heads off on her holidays, Iain Dale took a moment to rate her "end of term scorecard".

Amid Brexit negotiations and cabinet resignations, Iain Dale rated Theresa May on her leadership as parliament takes its summer recess.

"Do you think she's worth more than a C+ for Brexit negotiations?" he asked.

"It might be difficult to argue she does."

But drawing on recent polling figures, Iain suggested the Prime Minister might actually be handed a fail.

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC / PA

He read out the figures one by one.

"Her share of the vote, down 4 points.

"Her lead on the economy, down 4 points.

"Her lead over Jeremy Corbyn, down 6 points.

"Her lead on the best party for Brexit, down 7 points.

"Her lead on immigration, down 8 points.

"Her support from Leavers, down 12 points.

"The drift to Ukipper's, 6 points.

"Net handling on Brexit, down from -41 to -61.

"Now that doesn't paint a very positive picture, does it?"

There was one point though that earned the Prime Minister top marks.

"If you were marking her on resilience, you'd have to give her an A*," Iain said.