This Ex-Soldier’s Monologue About The British Army Is So Powerful

12 January 2018, 18:46 | Updated: 12 January 2018, 18:51

This former soldier delivered the most powerful and passionate monologue railing against any further cuts to the British Army.

Grant served in the forces for 20 years, and his call to Iain Dale won huge praise from LBC listeners.

He was speaking amid reports that military chiefs have drawn up a plan to cut the armed forces by more than 14,000 in a bid to save money.

The Times claims that the proposals would combine the elite units of paratroopers and Royal Marines.

But, Grant slammed the suggestion, demanding Britain had a “guard dog” defence.

In his four-minute monologue he thundered: “That guard dog is sadly getting smaller and smaller because it is not getting fed correctly.

“He’s losing his size and his strength and if any minister now goes with these ideas and they pull the plug and reduce us of any more strength, then they will open the flood gates.”

Watch the call that stopped LBC listeners in theirs tracks in full above.