Lord Trimble: Brexit Is Not A Threat To Good Friday Agreement

10 April 2018, 18:43 | Updated: 10 April 2018, 18:57

One of the key architects of the Good Friday Agreement has told LBC Brexit is not a threat to the Good Friday Agreement.

Former Northern Ireland secretary Lord Trimble said those who suggest it is are trying to “advance their own anti-Brexit policies”.

It’s 20 years since politicians from Northern Ireland, as well as the British and Irish governments secured the Good Friday Agreement.

Iain Dale Lord Trimble
Picture: PA/LBC

It was the culmination of the peace process - which brought an end to 30 years of the Troubles.

After Britain’s vote to leave the EU, there have been warnings Brexit could lead to a hard border.

But, Lord Trimble rubbished such suggestions, telling Iain Dale Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement “do not inter-relate in any way”.

“The people who are suggesting Brexit is in someways a threat to the agreement, they're trying to advance their own anti-Brexit policies,” he said.

Watch the interview above.