Ukip Candidate Dismisses Petition Calling For Ban On Politicians Who “Promote Rape”

10 May 2019, 12:10

A Ukip candidate refused to back a petition calling for those who “promote rape or violence” to be banned from standing in elections.

Paul Oakley, who is running in the forthcoming EU elections, said he wouldn’t agree to it because it was “party political”.

The petition has been set up in response to another Ukip candidate, Carl Benjamin, who tweeted that he “wouldn’t even rape” Labour MP Jess Phillips in 2016.

Then, in a more recent video, he added that he “might” rape her, but added: “Let’s be honest, nobody’s got that much beer”.

Fawcett Society CEO Sam Smethers is behind the petition, which has racked up over 50,000 signatures.

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack pressed Ukip's Paul Oakley over the petition
Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack pressed Ukip's Paul Oakley over the petition. Picture: LBC

She says: “Women candidates at local and national level are particularly targeted. We know that this is deterring some women from standing.

“Yet some of those responsible for issuing these threats have then gone on to stand for election themselves.

“Surely anyone who issues threats of rape of violence or who incites hatred is not fit to stand for elected office?”

During an LBC EU election debate on Thursday night, Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack asked Mr Oakley whether he would support it.

The Ukip candidate said it was “absolutely repugnant” for any politician of any party to be attacked.

But, he told the panel he would “not agree to this petition” after being pressed for an answer.