UKIP Chairman Tells Iain Dale Why He Decided To Quit

12 February 2018, 19:32 | Updated: 12 February 2018, 20:36

UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden tells Iain Dale "now is the right time" - after announcing that he has resigned from his role.

Paul Oakden has announced his decision to step down following next Saturday's vote on the future of the current UKIP leader Henry Bolton.

He has joined Iain Dale on the drive show saying, "it was a decision made some weeks ago, I have terminated by own contract at the end of January."

"I'll chair the party up to and including the EGM on Saturday, I was installed by Nigel Farage as an interim chairman, that has turned into an interesting 18 months period."

Iain asked him, "Aren't you just sick to death of all the infighting?"

Paul Oakden responded, "It is absolutely true that I'm sick to death of the all the infighting, but that is not the reason for my standing down. Now is the right time. I was planning to stand down at the end of September when Henry Bolton was first elected as leader, but he has asked me to stay for a short time."

"I've had to remain impartial and will continue to be impartial up until Saturday. Once that meeting is out of the way, we will either have Henry with a new chairman or have a new interim chairman with a new interim chairman, I think that puts the party in the best position to move forward."

You can watch the interview above.