Iain Dale Challenges Ukip General Secretary Whether Tommy Robinson Led To Election Losses

3 May 2019, 03:43 | Updated: 3 May 2019, 03:44

Iain Dale challenges Ukip's General Secretary over whether Tommy Robinson's involvement in the party contributed to losses in the local elections.

Iain Dale asked Paul Oakley on Election Night Live why he thought 21 MEPs, including the former leader Nigel Farage, had left Ukip.

The party's General Secretary said: "There's various reasons, various fallings out, various disagreements, but my view is in comparison to the other parties we are a bit too moral."

Iain said: "Too moral?"

Mr Oakley replied: "Yes, because we have fallings out of one kind or another and everybody takes up their ball and goes, so it would be nice to see that in the Conservatives or Labour."

Iain said: "You don't think that's got anything to do with the fact that your leader Gerard Batten now consults with Tommy Robinson and has led Ukip into being seen as an Islamaphobic party?

"The fact that the leader appoints a man like Tommy Robinson as his personal advisor, basically tells people all they need to know doesn't it?"

Watch above.