Warrington South MP 'disappointed' by local lockdown measures

1 October 2020, 21:00

Margaret Ferrier should face police investigation

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The Warrington South MP has told LBC he's "disappointed" new local lockdown measures are being imposed on his constituency.

Conservative MP for Warrington South Andy Carter told LBC many people had told him that stricter lockdown measures were the "right steps."

LBC's Iain Dale told the MP he found it interesting that opinion polls often suggested the public were in favour of stricter measures in order to halt the spread of coronavirus, but vox pops from the street often reflected the opposite.

The MP said that bringing in extra measures was a "balancing act" while on one hand the Government is trying to make sure people stay safe they also need to "maintain people's livelihoods and jobs."

The Conservative MP was speaking to LBC on the day Downing Street announced new coronavirus restrictions for Liverpool, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough which will come into force on Saturday morning at one minute past midnight.

"I'm disappointed that we're having to introduce additional measures in Warrington," Mr Carter told LBC.

However, when Iain asked who was to blame, the MP said he "didn't think anybody is to blame, I think we've got a virus that spreads through social contact."

He revealed to LBC that he has spoken to his local director of public health who informed him there have been "a couple of outbreaks in pubs," with one in particular caused by an asymptomatic person infected with Covid.

Iain Dale reacts to politicians violating Covid rules

When Iain asked him if it was not "a bit of a cop-out to say no one is to blame," before listing several examples of politicians and high-profile figures who have violated Covid-rules, the MP replied that "we all have to take responsibility."

He told LBC he has been self-isolating after a member of his staff tested positive for coronavirus.

'I haven't left the house all week," he said.

Speaking about SNP MP Margaret Ferrier who broke Covid restrictions when she travelled from London to Scotland via train after she had tested positive for Covid, Mr Carter said he thought people needed to take responsibility for their own actions.

Iain asked the MP if he thought the police should investigate the matter, pointing out the SNP MP is a "repeat offender, taking one train journey and a second one when she actually knew that she had it."

"Yes, I do think the police should investigate," was the instant reply.

When Iain asked the Conservative MP if he thought the police should investigate Dominic Cummings the instant reply was that Mr Carter thought they should, branding it a "foolish thing to do."