Teachers 'must not talk to pupils about Andrew Tate' after spate of 'shocking misogynistic incidents'

29 April 2023, 20:32

Andrew Tate is thought to have inspired an uptick in "shocking misogynistic incidents"
Andrew Tate is thought to have inspired an uptick in "shocking misogynistic incidents". Picture: Alamy

By Adam Solomons

Teachers have been told not to talk about misogynistic influencer Andrew Tate with their students despite a series of sexist incidents at schools across the country.

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Campaigners say teachers must inform their pupils about the British-American internet personality, 28, who is now being sued in Britain by three women alleging sexual abuse.

The former kickboxer, Big Brother candidate and self-styled misogynist has gained notoriety online for a number of comments about women.

Department for Education officials have reportedly advised headteachers who reach out for extra guidance not to encourage conversations about Tate’s views in personal, social and health education (PSHE) lessons, The Observer reported.

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Tate remains under house arrest in Romania
Tate remains under house arrest in Romania. Picture: Alamy

Tate spent three months in a Romanian prison alongside his brother Tristan, 34, after being accused of human trafficking and rape.

They were not charged with any crimes and deny any wrongdoing. Tate remains under house arrest.

Yorkshire charity Diversify has reported it receives 25 calls a week from schools across England about sexual harassment and "shocking misogynistic incidents" by pupils.

Many are thought to be influenced by Tate, who has suggested assault victims "bear some responsibility" for their crimes, an incident for which he was banned from Twitter.

A spokesperson for the Department for Education said: “All children deserve to grow up in a safe environment, and we expect schools to take immediate action against sexual misconduct or harassment.”

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They added that the department would be giving “further guidance on how schools can create a culture of respectful relationships, and teach effectively about sexual harassment, sexual violence and stamping out violence against women and girls”.

Charities have criticised Mr Tate for his views and have warned he was a danger to young men and boys who see his content online, urging the various platforms on which he is active to remove him.

Domestic abuse campaigners have called his content “extreme misogyny”.

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