Brits warned of flooding threat across swathes of the UK as rain sweeps over the country

30 August 2023, 17:55

Parts of the UK could flood in the next few days
Parts of the UK could flood in the next few days. Picture: Met Office/Alamy

By Kit Heren

British people have been warned that coastal areas of the UK could be flooded in the next few days, as downpours are set to sweep across the country.

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The Environment Agency has said that flooding is possible near Carlisle, Sunderland and Somerset.

A large band of rain is set to sweep across England from west to east on Thursday, according to the Met Office, which is set to have largely disappeared or moved to the south by Friday lunchtime.

The Environment Agency issued flood warnings for three 30-mile stretches of land, from Silloth to St Bees on the Cumbria coast in north-west England, on Porlock Weir in Somerset, and the Tyne and Wear coast in north-east England.

"Flooding is possible in this area. Monitor local water levels and weather conditions.

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Parts of the UK could be set to flood (file image from 2022)
Parts of the UK could be set to flood (file image from 2022). Picture: Alamy

“Avoid using low-lying footpaths or entering areas prone to flooding. Start acting on your flood plan if you have one."

It comes as residents of the US state of Florida brace for the "extremely dangerous" and "unprecedented" Hurricane Idalia, which made landfall in Florida on Wednesday.

The storm is set to batter the southeastern US with heavy wind, rain and floods. Tornadoes are also possible as waves as high as 15ft are set to land.

Parts of the UK could be set to flood (file photo from 2022)
Parts of the UK could be set to flood (file photo from 2022). Picture: Alamy

A storm surge that will threaten life is expected to hit early on Wednesday in the "Big Bend", to the state's northwest, where residents in the remote region have been told sticking around is tantamount to having a death wish.

The National Weather Service in Florida's capital Tallahassee said Idalia is an "unprecedented event". No hurricanes have passed through the Big Bend's bay in previous records.

Earlier today, Florida Governor Ron de Santis said: "This thing is hitting really within the next hour and a half.

And we just hope everybody stays safe. Don't put your life at risk by doing anything dumb at this point.

"This thing's powerful. If you're inside, just hunker down until it gets past - you don't want to be messing around with these winds."

DeSantis, who has dispatched his wife Casey to handle presidential campaign events while he prepares for the storm, said: "This is not something you want to do battle with."

He told people in the path of Idalia: "You really got to go now. Now is the time."