The race for the White House has finished with Democrat Joe Biden taking the Presidency from Donald Trump.

The 59th United States presidential election was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 

Voters chose to elect Democrat Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as the Vice President.

The Democrat and former Vice President to Barack Obama has so far amassed 279 electoral college votes in the 2020 election - taking him over the 270 threshold for victory. That is compared to Trump’s total of 214 electoral votes thus far.

The projected election result means Donald Trump becomes the first one-term president since the 1990s.

Donald Trump has said lawbreaking and vandalism "isn't what I for" after riots in Washington DC

Donald Trump says he 'doesn't stand' for violence as House votes to impeach

Senior House Republican Liz Cheney has backed calls to remove Donald Trump from office

Senior Republicans announce they will vote to impeach Donald Trump

The US President has declared the state of emergency

Trump declares state of emergency in DC ahead of Biden inauguration

Donald Trump may become the only President in US history to be Impeached twice

Donald Trump accused of 'incitement of insurrection' in Impeachment articles

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk on the South Lawn of the White House

Melania Trump condemns Capitol riots and hits out at 'personal attacks' against her

Mike Pence confirmed his attendance at Joe Biden's upcoming inauguration ceremony

Vice President Mike Pence will attend Joe Biden's inauguration

Alleged participants in the Capitol riot have been charged

'QAnon shaman' Trump supporter charged with violent entry after Capitol riot

David Lammy's furious row with caller over Trump's Twitter ban

David Lammy's furious row with caller over Trump's Twitter ban

Richard Barnett, a supporter of US President Donald Trump, has been arrested after being pictured with his feet on the desk of Nancy Pelosi

Trump supporter who put feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk arrested

Things must be really screwed up when Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has to protect Americans from their own president, LBC's technology correspondent writes

Facebook has to protect Americans from their own president. What comes next?

Donald Trump says he will not attend Joe Biden's Inauguration

Donald Trump says he will not attend Joe Biden's Inauguration

During remarks in Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday, Mr Biden said people should not call the hundreds of Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol protesters.

Joe Biden calls Donald Trump supporters who stormed Capitol 'domestic terrorists'

Trump has been banned from Facebook until he is no longer President

Donald Trump banned from Facebook until end of Presidency

Donald Trump and the 25th Amendment has been a discussion since the Capitol protests

The US constitution’s 25th Amendment explained and simplified

Priti Patel tells LBC the violence in the US was 'shocking beyond words'

Home Secretary Priti Patel condemns US violence as 'shocking beyond words' on LBC

Joe Biden urged Donald Trump to 'step up' and demand an end to the 'siege'

'It's insurrection': Joe Biden blames Trump for Capitol riot

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Grant Shapps said the London to New York flight path could open under the new presidnet

Grant Shapps tells LBC London to New York flight route 'could reopen with new president'

President-elect Joe Biden is to unveil a 1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus plan

Joe Biden to unveil 1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus plan

Iain Dale spoke to former FBI director James Comey exclusively on LBC

James Comey: You don't change minds of the defrauded by shouting at them

James O'Brien tries to dissect why pro-Trump supporters "believe his lies"

James O'Brien tries to dissect why pro-Trump supporters "believe his lies"

Donald Trump has told his supporters to remain peaceful

Donald Trump 'unequivocally condemns' Capitol riots after impeachment vote

Donald Trump has made history after becoming the only US President in history to be impeached twice.

Donald Trump becomes only US President to be impeached twice after Capitol riots

Gorillas at San Diego Zoo

Zoos issued safety warning after San Diego gorillas test positive for Covid

Youtube has suspended Donald Trump's account

Youtube suspends Trump's account over concerns about "ongoing potential for violence"

Mike Pence has rule our invoking the 25th amendment on President Trump

Mike Pence rules out invoking 25th amendment on President Trump

Donald Trump has warned attempts to impeach him for a second time are causing "tremendous anger"

Donald Trump says second impeachment attempt will 'come back to haunt' Joe Biden

US Capitol Building Riot Aftermath

FBI warns of planned armed protests in run up to Inauguration Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger called Trump 'the worst president ever'

Arnold Schwarzenegger labels Trump 'worst president ever' in video calling for unity