Alec Baldwin pointed gun “towards camera” when it went off

25 October 2021, 16:12

Alec Baldwin had been rehearsing a scene when a revolver fired
Alec Baldwin had been rehearsing a scene when a revolver fired. Picture: Alamy

By Megan Hinton

Court documents have revealed what happened on the set of Rust in the moments before cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot.

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Alec Baldwin had been rehearsing a scene which involved pointing a gun down the lens of a camera, when it fired and struck Halyna Hutchins.

Cinematographer Ms Hutchins, 42, died after sustaining injuries on the set of the film, whilst the film's director Joel Souza was shot in the shoulder.

Affidavits containing statements from both director Souza and camera operator Reid Russell have revealed details of what happened on set.

The court documents state Baldwin was handed a prop gun and told it was unloaded, before using it in a rehearsal.

Authorities in Santa Fe say assistant director Dave Halls, handed the weapon to Baldwin announcing it as "cold" indicating it was safe for use.

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Baldwin is then said to have drawn the gun and pointed it at a camera when the weapon fired hitting Halyna in the chest and Joel Souza, who was standing behind her, in the shoulder.

According to the court documents, Director Souza recalled hearing "what sounded like a whip and then loud pop" and shortly after Hutchins began complaining about her stomach before stumbling backwards.

Woman fatally shot by prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin, police say

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it is still unclear why Baldwin’s gun contained a live round.

In an affidavit, camera operator Reid Russell suggested Baldwin was not to blame for the incident.

He said the actor was very careful and highlighted how on a previous occasion Baldwin had made sure a child actor was not near him when a gun was being discharged.

Production bosses have now confirmed they're going to "wrap the set" on the film Rust whilst police are investigating following the incident in New Mexico on Friday.

In a letter to the movie's crew obtained by NBC News, the production team says it will suspend filming "at least until the investigations are complete".