Jeremy Clarkson reveals secret health battle that led to him losing one stone in weight

26 January 2024, 09:05 | Updated: 26 January 2024, 09:07

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed his health struggle from last year.
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed his health struggle from last year. Picture: Alamy

By Jenny Medlicott

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed the recent health battle that resulted in him losing one stone in weight.

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Clarkson, 63, was staying at a health farm with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan last year but said he had been “miserable” throughout.

Eventually, he decided to check out of the health farm and instead bring an operation he had scheduled to remove a cyst forward by a week.

“I had a 5cm cyst, which is now not a cyst any more,” he said.

“Lisa took me to a health farm and, well, it was so miserable there that I thought, ‘I’ve got to have this cyst taken out at some point, I may as well go now’.

“So I checked out of the whole place and checked into hospital, because it was more fun having an operation than eating juniper berries all day long,” he told The Sun.

“As I lay under the surgeon’s knife, I thought ‘this is preferable’.”

Clarkson said he lost a stone in weight after the operation to remove the tennis-ball-sized cyst.

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Clarkson revealed he had an operation for a 5cm cyst.
Clarkson revealed he had an operation for a 5cm cyst. Picture: Alamy

He said: “I did actually lose a stone though — mind you, half of that was probably the cyst. But it wasn’t cancer. It was never going to be cancerous though — I wasn’t in the mood.”

The presenter said during his time at the health farm he had been given ‘nil by mouth’ - except for being allowed to drink vegetable juice.

Writing for the Sunday Times about his experience, he said: “I was given a glass of something called wheatgrass.

“Now, I’ve eaten grasshoppers and tarantulas, and I once had a seven-day egg, which had a bit of beak and an eye in it. All of those things were pretty awful.

“But nothing — nothing — gets close to the gut-retching dreadfulness of wheatgrass

“The day wore on and soon I wanted a drink. And then I wanted lunch. So I repaired to the communal dining room — the worst three words in the English language — and was given a beaker of celebrity juice. Which wasn’t a drink. Or lunch.

“It was all lost on me. I’d rather spend a week with Greta Thunberg at a kumbaya festival.”