John Bercow's Most Memorable Moments

31 October 2019, 15:51

Today John Bercow will end his 10-year reign as Speaker of the House of Commons - these are his best moments.

The inimitable figure, famous for his booming "order" to summon the attention of MPs, has undoubtedly been contentious.

During his time as Speaker he has created new traditions, given a larger platform to the backbenchers and has also been a source of concern for some MPs about his partiality during Brexit.

However, in his final Prime Minister's Questions, the verbose Speaker received nothing but praise.Boris Johnson hailed him an innovator for the changes he has made and called him a "great servant" in an amusing tribute.

On Bercow's last day in the chair, Jacob Rees-Mogg initiated more tributes to him by acknowledging the good he has done in his decade as Speaker.

A new Speaker will be chosen on Monday - whether they will say "order" in quite the same way is anybody's guess.