Kyle Walker says he 'betrayed his best friend' by cheating on wife and says he made 'idiot choices and idiot decisions'

29 January 2024, 08:15

Kyle Walker has broken his silence
Kyle Walker has broken his silence. Picture: Alamy/Instagram

By Kit Heren

Kyle Walker has admitted that he made "idiot choices" by being unfaithful to his wife, after she kicked him out of the marital home.

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The Manchester City and England footballer is living away from his wife Annie Kilner, after she found out he had fathered two children with another woman.

Walker said that he was "the only person to blame", adding that he needed to "own up" to his mistakes.

The 33-year-old said that the ordeal had sometimes made him want "to curl up in a ball and go to sleep."

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Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker. Picture: Getty

He told the Sun: "What I’ve done is horrible and I take full responsibility. I made idiot choices and idiot decisions.

"I can’t begin to think or imagine what Annie is going through. I’ve tried to ask her but there’s pain and hurt.

“The man that’s meant to love, care and be there for her, did this. There have been days in this ordeal where I’ve just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

"The only person to blame is me. I have roles and responsibilities that I’m aware of and I’ve made stupid choices. But I need to own up to my mistakes — I owe it to everyone.

"My actions have caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. I’m sorry because, as a family, this isn’t meant to happen.”

Walker fathered two children with Lauryn Goodman, a social media influencer. He slept with her in 2020, and told Kilner, who kicked him out of the house.

She later took him back for the sake of their children, but Walker then slept with Goodman again, fathering another child.

He said: "When I met Annie at 17, I never envisaged my private life being like this. I never thought I would be a father of six."

Walker added: "In football I’ve achieved more than what I ever thought I would achieve. But to personally hurt what I truly believe is my best friend, that’s what hurts a lot.

“How could I hurt someone I love so much? That’s something I need to find in myself. I need to find out why I have done this and why situations have occurred. I am human and I’ve made mistakes on and off the field.

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker. Picture: Getty

"The ones off the field are definitely more damaging and have been more hurtful to me.

"Football has been my life since I was six but my family comes before anything on this planet. At the moment, they’re hurting enormously.”

Walker said: "My little boy goes to sleep with me every night and to not have him . . . I’m used to being away for long periods of time with England."We say goodnight on FaceTime.

"But to know that I’m not with him because of my mistake — mistake is probably the wrong word, my choices — that’s what pains me."

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker. Picture: Getty

Those close to the England international claim he never had a 'substantial' relationship with the 33-year-old, who is on holiday with her children while Walker tries to salvage his marriage.

"Kyle is very much in the wrong with his ­escapades but there was no proper ­relationship with Lauryn. It was effectively just a very, very quick fleeting thing while he was in the area," a source told the Mirror.

"Yes, things hap­­pened a few times but there were no ­feelings, and cert­­ainly no romance."

Kyle Walker with his estranged wife
Kyle Walker with his estranged wife. Picture: social media

But this is disputed by those close to Goodman, who say he was very involved in their 'proper relationship'.

"Kyle was very much a willing, enthusiastic participant," a source said.

"He told her all sorts of sweet nothings and treated her like a princess."