Prince Harry 'infuriated' by Charles saying he couldn't afford to pay for Meghan

8 April 2023, 07:12 | Updated: 8 April 2023, 11:28

Prince Harry was said to be 'infuriated' by Charles' comment
Prince Harry was said to be 'infuriated' by Charles' comment. Picture: Getty/Alamy

By Kit Heren

Prince Harry was 'infuriated' by his father telling him he couldn't afford to pay for Meghan Markle as part of the royal family, according to a new book.

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Harry told then-Prince Charles that he planned to marry Meghan, and was upset when he didn't get the response he wanted, royal correspondent Robert Jobson has claimed in Our King: Charles III — The Man And The Monarch Revealed.

Prince William, who was also there, asked "Are you sure, Harold?"

Then Charles "infuriated" his younger son by telling him that he could not afford to pay for Meghan, as well as William and Kate and their young family.

As the wedding day approached, Harry got more and more upset by the reaction of his family to the wedding.

Before the day itself, he and Meghan felt that Kate was 'stand-offish' when she and William met her for the first time.

Charles and Harry have had a difficult relationship in recent years
Charles and Harry have had a difficult relationship in recent years. Picture: Alamy

Then there were two separate infamous arguments, first over Meghan telling pregnant Kate she had "baby-brain" because of her hormones, and a spat over the bridesmaid dress for Kate's daughter Princess Charlotte.

The Queen also found Harry's behaviour tiresome by the end of her life, according to the book, although she continued to wish him well in his new life in the US.

He called her regularly from California, but would often complain about Charles, to the extent that she asked him to speak directly to his father.

"Her Majesty found Prince Harry's calls quite difficult and wearisome," a royal source told Mr Jobson. "She didn't want to interfere in the father/son relationship and would urge him to speak to his father."

The brothers have not seen eye-to-eye recently
The brothers have not seen eye-to-eye recently. Picture: Getty

The Queen was "mystified" by Harry's repeated public criticism of his family, describing his comments as "quite mad". She also felt "let down" by his decision to leave.

Kate reportedly said that the walkabout after the Queen's death, several years later, was very difficult for her.

"Catherine later admitted to a senior royal that, such was the ill feeling between the two couples, the joint walkabout was one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do," Mr Jobson said in the book, serialised in the Daily Mail.

Charles and William are said to have agreed they could no longer be left alone with Harry after the Oprah interview with the Sussexes, deeming him no longer trustworthy.

They even feared that if Meghan was allowed to join a meeting about the future of Harry and Meghan in 2020 by video link from Canada, the summit would not be secure, the book adds.

The 'walkabout' was very difficult for Kate
The 'walkabout' was very difficult for Kate. Picture: Getty

And Charles is said to have been annoyed by Harry's "bad manners" after he revealed his relationship with Meghan in 2016 then demanded they be left alone, overshadowing a trip the then-Prince of Wales was making to the Gulf region.

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