Russian state TV blames Ukraine’s OWN air defence systems after civilians killed in missile onslaught

11 October 2022, 10:05 | Updated: 11 October 2022, 10:11

Yesterday's strikes  left at least 11 dead and 64 injured
Yesterday's strikes left at least 11 dead and 64 injured. Picture: Getty

By Asher McShane

Russian state TV propagandists have made the extraordinary claim that yesterday’s missile strikes that hit residential areas of Kyiv were the work of Ukraine’s own air defence systems.

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Putin’s state sponsored TV networks claimed “Ukrainian propaganda is studiously not showing footage of strikes on critical infrastructure - posting online solely the consequences of explosions on city streets.”

They continued: “Judging by the nature of the damage, this wasn’t cruise missiles but the consequence of Ukrainian air defence working against them.”

They blamed a “technical peculiarity” of Ukraine’s anti-missile defence systems, saying they “don’t always react quickly” to the approach of Russian cruise missiles.

Social media footage of yesterday’s attacks showed cruise missiles flying through the skies moments before the explosions, which left many civilians dead.

Liz Truss is set to urge G7 leaders to remain steadfast in support of Ukraine during crisis talks later today after the Russian strikes on major Ukrainian cities.

Moscow bombarded several cities across Ukraine with missiles in retaliation for what Vladimir Putin claimed was a terrorist act carried out by Ukrainian special services on a bridge linking Russia with Crimea.

The attacks launched by the Kremlin, which left at least 11 dead and 64 injured, prompted an international outcry.

G7 leaders will hold a virtual meeting on Tuesday, with Ms Truss also expected to call for a full meeting of NATO leaders in the coming days.

The video call will also be attended by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who spoke to Ms Truss on Monday.

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The PM is expected to call a NATO meeting too.
The PM is expected to call a NATO meeting too. Picture: Alamy

The Prime Minister is expected to urge fellow G7 leaders to "stay the course" in the battle against President Vladimir Putin.

"The overwhelming international support for Ukraine's struggle stands in stark opposition to the isolation of Russia on the international stage," she is expected to say on Tuesday.

"Their bravery in the face of the most brutal acts of violence has earned the people of Ukraine global admiration.

"Nobody wants peace more than Ukraine. And for our part, we must not waver one iota in our resolve to help them win it."

Russian men are fleeing the country to avoid losing their lives.

G7 leaders are also likely to discuss the global energy crisis sparked by Russia's invasion, amid plans to introduce a global cap on the price of Russian oil to target Putin's revenues.

Ukraine stepped up calls for western allies to provide anti-air and anti-missile systems in response to Monday's strikes.

Kyiv was targeted for the first time in months, while Russia also hit civilian areas and energy infrastructure across the country, from Kharkiv in the east to Lviv near the Polish border.

Putin confirmed the strikes were retaliation for Ukraine's attack on the Kerch Bridge, a crossing between Russia and annexed Crimea that has strategic and symbolic importance.

Putin claimed the attacks were in retaliation for an attack by Ukrainian forces on a bridge linking Russia with Crimea.
Putin claimed the attacks were in retaliation for an attack by Ukrainian forces on a bridge linking Russia with Crimea. Picture: Alamy

Responding to the attacks on Monday, Mr Zelenskyy said in his daily address: "Ukraine cannot be intimidated. It only brings more of us together.

"Ukraine can't be stopped. It is only more persuasion that terrorists should be brought down.

"The Russian army purposely struck these strikes exactly in the morning rush hour. This is the typical tactic of terrorists."

'He feels a personal threat all the time'

He continued: "They've touched the whole world.. The world is with us. We are doing everything to get a modern air defence.

"And I thank the partners who are already speeding up the supply.

"Please help one another! Please take care of those who are left alone in these circumstances!

"Believe in yourself, in Ukraine, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in our victory!"

Zelenskyy shared a message of hope in his latest address to Ukrainians
Zelenskyy shared a message of hope in his latest address to Ukrainians. Picture: Facebook

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian MP told LBC that negotiating a peace deal with Russia would be impossible as long as Moscow wanted to destroy her country.

Speaking on LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr on Monday, Kira Rudik of the Ukrainian Golos (Voice) party said that the attacks show Vladimir Putin is saying: "I don’t care if I kill women, children, civilians. I wouldn’t care, I only care about my victory.

"And the thing is, we care about staying alive, and we care about continue living in our country. This is the thing that makes peace impossible."

'It's a fight of Russian military against Ukrainian population.'

She went on to say: "We want to be alive and our enemies want us destroyed. That means it is impossible to figure out a peace deal between that.

"This is what’s going on. We have our own plan and that plan is to fight.

"I have not seen or heard any other plan that is better from anybody in the world, from any single democratic world leader. So we will stick with our plan."

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