Russian soldier 'set up a stolen CCTV camera from Ukraine in his flat' - unwittingly creating 'his own Big Brother'

12 October 2022, 12:33 | Updated: 12 October 2022, 12:35

Russian soldier broadcasting stolen CCTV camera footage from home
Russian soldier broadcasting stolen CCTV camera footage from home. Picture: Instagram/yan_gordienko

By Kit Heren

A Russian soldier is broadcasting footage from his own home - from a CCTV camera he allegedly stole from Ukraine.

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Ukrainian blogger Yan Gordienko said the camera was stolen from outside his friend's home in the town of Lyman in the occupied Donetsk region.

The Russian soldier allegedly took the camera back to his home in Siberia - but did not reconfigure it, meaning he is now broadcasting his "own version of Big Brother", according to Mr Gordienko.

"If my friend still has access to the camera, that means [the soldier] didn't reconfigure it, they just set it up in the flat. Just for the view," Mr Gordienko said in Russian.

The Russian soldier
The Russian soldier. Picture: Instagram/Yan Gordienko

The domestic scenes include the soldier and his wife drinking tea, and the soldier walking around in just his underwear.

The screenshots were shared incredulously by former Ukrainian diplomat Oleksandr Sherba on Twitter.

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Mr Sherba said: "A Russian soldier stole a CCTV street camera in Ukraine. And installed it in his home for some reason.

"Now a group of enthusiasts in Ukraine enjoys a 24/7 direct stream from some weird home in Siberia."

The Russian soldier's wife
The Russian soldier's wife. Picture: Instagram/Yan Gordienko

Mr Gordienko said on Instagram: "What if now I am slandering an innocent who simply bought a camera at the market that was stolen from Ukraine?

"But no guys, it’s a CCTV camera, it stood on the street. These pigs, these dogs set it up in their home, in a house where there is nothing to steal.

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"Why do they need a camera? 'Oh, we need to protect our millions, we need to put up a CCTV camera inside our flat.'

"Basically, urgh, how horrible. What a disgusting story, these animals… it’s the best thing that they will be able to see in their useless lives."

'Russia is on the back foot in Ukraine.'

Ukrainian cities has been bombarded in the past couple of days by Russian missiles, with at least 19 dead and dozens more injured.

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Zelenskyy said the more Russia tried to intimidate Ukraine, the stronger it would stand.He also reminded Ukrainians that he was working with the West to deliver air defence.It came after several cities were bombarded with missiles on Monday morning.

'should the west now change it's approach to supplying heavy weaponry to Ukraine'

"Ukraine cannot be intimidated. It only brings more of us together," Mr Zelenskyy said."Ukraine can't be stopped. It is only more persuasion that terrorists should be brought down.

"The Russian army purposely struck these strikes exactly in the morning rush hour. This is the typical tactic of terrorists."

'The rat, Putin, has cornered himself!' says Former PM of Ukraine

He continued: "They've touched the whole world.. The world is with us. We are doing everything to get a modern air defence. And I thank the partners who are already speeding up the supply.

"Please help one another! Please take care of those who are left alone in these circumstances!"Believe in yourself, in Ukraine, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in our victory!"