'Shame on you' Robert De Niro yells at former PA in fiery court appearance amid bitter $12million lawsuit

1 November 2023, 10:38

Robert De Niro shouts at his former PA from the witness box during a bitter civil trial
Robert De Niro shouts at his former PA from the witness box during a bitter civil trial. Picture: Alamy/getty

By StephenRigley

Robert De Niro shouted “shame on you” across a New York courtroom at his former executive assistant as she accused him of being an abusive boss in a $12 million lawsuit.

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The actor, 80, is facing accusations he discriminated against his former assistant Graham Chase Robinson, 41, in a four-year legal battle that went to trial on Monday.

He failed to hide his frustrations during the second day of the hearing in Manhattan.

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro. Picture: Alamy

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In the bitter legal battle, Ms Robinson, 41, claims De Niro made her carry out unusual and demeaning tasks and subjected her to foul-mouthed tirades, while the Raging Bull and Goodfella star has accused his former assistant of slacking at work, using his fortune for lavish living, and stealing five million air mile points.

She alleges that De Niro viewed her as an "office wife" and would often task her with menial jobs like fetching his drinks, washing bed sheets and scratching his back.

During the trial when the issue of back-scratching was brought up by Chase Robinson's legal team, De Niro fumed "Okay, twice? You got me! I'm saying this is nonsense. It was never done with any disrespect."

In another outburst from the stand after growing frustrated with the line of questioning, De Niro yelled: "Shame on you, Chase Robinson! God da**it! I'm sorry."

Graham Chase Robinson
Graham Chase Robinson. Picture: Getty

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Ms Robinson is seeking $12 million in damages for alleged emotional distress and reputational harm, and says she has been unemployed, traumatised, and struggling to leave the house since the end of her time working for De Niro.

She was on a $300,000 annual wage as his vice president of production and finance, but quit after a falling-out with De Niro’s girlfriend Tiffany Chen, the court has heard.

De Niro himself is suing Ms Robinson after accusing her of misusing access to his finances to pay for lavish holidays, Uber rides, dogsitters, designer handbags, and expensive dinners.

He is also seeking recover three years’ of wages after accusing Ms Robinson of “loafing” at work and binge watching Netflix.

The civil trial continues.