Couple take 'ultimate revenge' against 'sun-lounger hoggers' who were ruining their holiday - but some brand them 'petty'

16 June 2023, 08:05

Thom and Lisa's revenge has divided opinion
Thom and Lisa's revenge has divided opinion. Picture: Facebook/Trip Advisor

By Kit Heren

A couple who woke up first thing in the morning on holiday, only to find other tourists had reserved sun-loungers by draping towels on them, have divided opinion over whether their revenge was appropriate.

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Australian couple Thom and Lisa found the towels had been left on the loungers in the Grand Barong Resort in Bali at 6.30am on Wednesday.

Leaving towels on sun loungers is often seen as a sign that they are taken, although some hotels and resorts ban the practice.

Thom and Lisa waited until 2pm before casting aside the towels and taking the loungers themselves - and even laughed at the reaction when the 'hoggers' eventually showed up an hour and a half later.

Thom said: "We woke up this morning, noticed towels already placed on the afternoon shade sunbeds.

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Thom and Lisa waited 9 hours
Thom and Lisa waited 9 hours before taking the sun loungers. Picture: Facebook

"We went about our day and eventually arrived at the pool at 1pm to the beds untouched, nobody in sight," he told his Facebook followers.

"At 2pm we told pool staff we were moving the towels as nobody had been on them.

"We then waited until 3:30pm for them to eventually arrive and the realisation that their spots are gone, iPads and books in hand was priceless."

After the culprits had arrived, Thom and Lisa asked others to keep taking the sun loungers, so the people who had left their towels would be left without a place to rest.

Lisa added: “We literally left and asked others to take them just to keep the pettiness going."

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The incident took place in the Grand Barong Resort in Bali
The incident took place in the Grand Barong Resort in Bali. Picture: TripAdvisor

Their reaction to their 'revenge' was split: some thought it was petty, while others said it was heroic.

One person online said: "Am I the only one hoping there’s a day two to this situation?”

Others said they would’ve done the same, while someone else said it was "proof that not all heroes wear a cape".

The next day, the sun loungers were empty, according to a photo Thom posted online - which online onlookers took as a mark of victort.

"Free all morning," Thom wrote the following day.