Tom Brady surprises Birmingham City fans as NFL legend shows up at local boozer before first game of the season

12 August 2023, 16:09 | Updated: 12 August 2023, 20:47

Tom Brady in Small Heath
Tom Brady in Small Heath. Picture: social media
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

NFL legend Tom Brady has surprised Birmingham City fans by showing up at a local boozer before the club's first home game of the season.

Brady recently announced he has invested in the Championship club, vowing to bring back success to the Midlands.

While the NFL legend is just a minority owner of Blues, he has already taken up a fan-facing role, engaging with fans on social media and now in person.

Footage shows Brady speaking with fans at The Roost in Small Heath, a pub regularly frequented by Birmingham fans before games.

They have been taking on Leeds United in their second league game of the season - and Brady's first in-person visit since he announced he had invested in the club.

The retired American football star, who has won the Super Bowl seven times, has a relationship with the club's new owners, Shelby Companies LTD, who completed their takeover of the club in July.

Brady admitted he had "a lot to learn" about English football when he announced his stake in Birmingham City, but said he "likes an underdog".

"So here's the deal, I'm officially coming on board at Birmingham City football club" Brady told fans after the announcement.

"And maybe you're asking, 'what do you know about English football, Tom?' Well, let's just say, I've got a lot to learn," he said.

"But I do know a few things about winning. I think they might translate pretty well. I know success starts with the work put in when the world isn't watching."

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Brady continued: "I know that the team is nothing without the city that shows up and stands behind it. Most importantly, I know I like being the underdog.

"The road has been long for Birmingham. But these fans have never stopped believing. We've got a song that says no matter what, 'keep right on until the end of the road', and I'll be on that road with you.

"I'll see you at St Andrew's soon. It's time to get to work."

Tom Brady
Tom Brady. Picture: Alamy

Excited Birmingham City fans could not believe the news, including life-long fan Harry Tomlinson, who told LBC he never would have imagined a name like Brady joining the club six months ago.

"As a club and more specifically as a fanbase, we’ve suffered more than most for the last 10 years or so," Mr Tomlinson told LBC.

"The rapid transformation we’re seeing already after SCL’s investment has a lot of us in a state of shock and seeing someone like Brady join the project isn’t something I’d have ever been able to imagine, even six months ago.

"It’ll take time, due to to the utter incompetence and mismanagement of the previous owners, but I firmly believe the foundations are being put in place for Birmingham City’s long-term stability and success."

Tom Brady said he will bring success back to Birmingham City
Tom Brady said he will bring success back to Birmingham City. Picture: Getty

Chairman Tom Wagner added: "Tom Brady joining the Birmingham City team is a statement of intent. We are setting the bar at world class. Tom is both investing and committing his time and extensive expertise.

"As Chair of the Advisory Board Tom will have a direct impact on the club. The men's, women's, and academy teams are going to benefit from the knowledge.

"The goal that Tom has committed to own is to make Birmingham City a respected leader in nutrition, health, wellness, and recovery across the world of football.

"A commitment to Blues fans was made on May 8, 2023, to add experts from the world of sport and football to the team, putting in place the building blocks for future success.

"With Garry Cook as CEO, Hope Powell as women's technical director and now Tom Brady we are off to a fast start. Success does not come overnight. It takes time. But when you have great leaders in place everything becomes possible."