UK weather: Mini-heatwave to bring last summer sunshine next week

3 September 2021, 12:18 | Updated: 3 September 2021, 12:35

Sunbathing and sea-swimming could be back on the cards next week
Sunbathing and sea-swimming could be back on the cards next week. Picture: Alamy
Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Brits are set to bask in one last mini-heatwave for the summer with temperatures set to top 26C next week.

With memories of a dreary August that never really took off now behind us, things are looking up for the start of September thanks to a final slice of summer sunshine.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida, which has sadly wreaked chaos across the Atlantic in the US, are set to bring a spell of warmer weather to the British Isles.

In fact, the Met Office's prediction for next week is that the mercury will come close to topping the maximum temperature seen for the entire month of August.

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A spokesperson for the national weather service wrote on Twitter: "Early next week the #temperature could be close to the maximum we saw during the entire month of August!

"Scotland reached 27.2 °C, but across England where we're expecting our top temperature next week, the August high was only 26.4 °C."

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said the tail end of Ida will draw up a lot of warmth, rain and low pressure, which is expected to reach the UK's shores in the coming days.

"The energetic system from the tropics will push the jet stream up to the north that then dives down," he explained.

This means that although there will be brighter, more summery spells, the chances of thunderstorms are also more likely.

From Monday, easterly parts of the country are likely to experience the best of the weather, with temperatures peaking at around 26C on Wednesday before cooling off later in the week, but still staying mostly above 20C in the hottest towns and cities.

However, other parts could experience downpours despite being warmer, with experts saying the rain could be "heavy at times, with the risk of some thunderstorms mixed in".

The Met Office’s website says next week will be "less settled" but temperatures will be "warmer than average".

But many parts of the UK are set to experience the mini-heatwave, giving most Brits the chance to enjoy one last summer BBQ before the cooler winter months set in.