African Dad On Why White Parents Think Their Kids Are “More Superior”

17 October 2017, 18:36 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 18:46

Tim is a father of African origin. His conversation about the racism he faces by other parents at school left Iain Dale absolutely stunned.

The dad-of-two said white parents would purposely “make the extra effort” to prevent their children playing with his.

He was speaking after it was announced the number of hate crimes recorded by police has increase by 29 per cent since last year.

Home Office data shows offences spiked in particular after the EU referendum and the Westminster Bridge terror attack.

Tim said his own shocking experience left him feeling like white parents felt their children were “more superior” to kids of a different race.

“It is quite disturbing,” he told Iain. “Over the last two years I’ve observed how parents of the other kids, like white kids, they make that extra effort to disassociate their kids from playing with my kids.

“But you can actually see their kids want to play and associate with my kids, but the parents that extra effort to segregate them.”

Iain said the tale had left him in shock. "How can parents act like this,” he thundered.