Caller "Doesn't Know Who To Believe" About Brexit, So Iain Reassures Him

27 July 2018, 18:34

Lee rang LBC saying the barrage of claims from both the Remain and Leave camps on the UK's future after Brexit are so confusing, that he "doesn't know who to believe anymore." So Iain Dale tried to put his mind at ease.

Whilst discussing the news that the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier rejected a key part of Theresa May's Brexit strategy, Lee in Croydon called the radio station to discuss whether the UK's future would be as bleak as "other presenters" were making out.

Lee said: "What's really amazes me... is the fact that they're saying we're going to have no food, we're going to have no medicine. It's like all of a sudden once we've left the EU we're going to become a third world country.

"Bob Geldof is going to be organising a concert for us! ... I don't know who to believe any more."

Iain reassured Lee saying: "I speak the truth unto man.

"I think that anyone who seriously believes that on the day after Brexit we are going to all be starving, or that the planes aren't going to be allowed to take off or land... anyone that believes we won't be able to get medicines, they have a screw loose I'm afraid."