Emmanuel Macron 'playing to the gallery' in post-Brexit fishing row, says Iain Dale

28 October 2021, 21:24

Iain Dale gives his take as fishing row between the UK and France intensifies

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Iain Dale accused French President Emmanuel Macron of "playing to the gallery" amid the post-Brexit fishing dispute between the UK and France.

His words come as the row between the UK and France over post-Brexit fishing rights has escalated.

Iain said: "You know, there are times in one's life as a politician when you have to say 'up with this we will not put no further'.

"And I think we've got about to that stage with the French government at the moment.

"I think Boris Johnson should actually tell the French people exactly what President Macron is up to, because it is quite clear in this fishing dispute that he's playing to the gallery."

Iain claimed the French President is "playing to the gallery" because he faces an election in 2022 and "knows that the best way to win a French election is to have a spat with the British".