Former Swedish PM Urges Theresa May: “Delay Brexit To Avoid Hard Brexit”

26 February 2019, 13:34

A former Swedish Prime Minister has urged Theresa May to delay Brexit if her deal is voted down next month.

Today, the Prime Minister told MPs they will be able to vote on ruling out no deal or a short Brexit delay if her plan is rejected on 12th March.

But, she insisted she did not want Article 50 to be extended because it would “not make getting a deal any easier”.

Fredrik Reinfeldt was the Swedish PM between 2006 and 2014 and close ally of David Cameron.

Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke to Iain Dale on Monday night
Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke to Iain Dale on Monday night. Picture: LBC/PA

Speaking to Iain Dale on Monday night, he said: “There should be an alternative to say if that if we can not get a majority in parliament, prepare for something else that is not a hard Brexit.

“It will be negative for trade, it will be negative for movement of people and services if we have a hard Brexit and that’s not just in the United Kingdom.

“It’s not just about Britain, it’s now a bigger question and I hope that we’ll have an option to say well if we are not prepared, if we haven’t been able to make a deal, give us more time.”