'I almost laughed': Iain Dale's scathing response to the West's sanctions on Russia

22 February 2022, 22:24

'Was that it?': Iain Dale's scathing response to the UK's sanctions

By Tim Dodd

This was Iain Dale's scathing reaction to the West's sanctions against Russia including those from the UK which he branded "feeble, paltry, and measly", asking "was that it?"

Speaking to MPs in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister named five banks and three high-flying individuals who would come under new economic measures in response to Russia's recognition and deployment of tanks to Donbas and Luhansk.

In a press conference held on Tuesday evening UK time, US President Joe Biden announced a host of sanctions set to be imposed in retaliation, including on Russian oligarchs, Russian sovereign debt, VTB Bank and cancelling Nord Stream 2.

"I've never been a great fan of sanctions in the past, I've never really thought that they work unless you go in all guns blazing," Iain said.

"When Joe Biden announced last night that he was introducing sanctions which would mean that American businesspeople wouldn't be able to invest in these two breakaway regions of Ukraine, I almost wanted to laugh because it was just so pathetic."

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Iain was referring to Biden's executive order to "prohibit new investment, trade, and financing by US persons to, from, or in the so-called DNR and LNR regions of Ukraine".

"Never did I think that the British government would announce sanctions which weren't quite so pathetic, but were almost pathetic, they were feeble, they were paltry, they were measly," Iain vented.

Iain acknowledged the UK needed to have something they'd "held back" in case there was a full invasion of Ukraine, but pointed to Germany cancelling the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and asked of the UK's sanctions "was that it?".

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