Iain Dale tears into Boris Johnson's 'complete shambles' of a CBI speech

22 November 2021, 21:44

Iain Dale reacts to Boris Johnson's CBI speech

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Iain Dale said Boris Johnson's CBI speech was "a complete shambles".

While delivering the speech at the CBI's annual conference, the Prime Minister lost his place.

In the same speech, he also spoke about a visit he made to Peppa Pig World.

Iain said "the whole speech was a complete shambles".

He also said: "It's always an occasion when the Prime Minister addresses the CBI, yet it wasn't today.

"It was an embarrassment, an embarrassment for everybody.

"It was a bit like Theresa May's speech back in the 2017 Tory conference. It was on that level of shambles."