Things Get Heated When Iain Dale Points Out To Femi How A Parliamentary Democracy Works

12 August 2019, 20:41 | Updated: 12 August 2019, 21:17

When Co-founder of Our Future Our Choice Femi Oluwole tried to suggest that votes in a general election should have an impact on Brexit, Iain Dale hit back to explain how a Parliamentary democracy works.

The anti-Brexit campaigner said that he thought that "54% of the people" voted for parties with manifestos that "explicitly ruled out no-deal."

But Iain was quick to point out "that's a complete misreading of the way the constitution works."

Iain explained that "Parliament effectively delegated sovereignty on the decision as to whether to leave or not to the people, once the people had decided the people sent the sovereignty back to Parliament."

Femi did not agree, he said that when people voted in a general election they were giving an "instruction to Parliament" by the manifestos the public vote for.

Iain said again it seemed like the Remainer wanted to reinvent the British constitution, using the example of Hillary Clinton who got more votes than Donald Trump in the US presidential race.

Femi said there should be nobody complaining if Parliament decided to stop Brexit, and Iain shut him down and said "but it hasn't."

Watch the whole heated exchange in the clip at the top of the page.