Watch Now: Iain Dale Interviews The Lib Dem Leadership Candidates - Jo Swinson

1 July 2019, 14:44 | Updated: 1 July 2019, 20:06

Iain Dale Interviews The Lib Dem Leadership Candidates: Jo Swinson - LBC

As the Liberal Democrat leadership contest gets underway, Iain Dale interviews the candidates.

The Conservative Party are not the only Westminster group going through a leadership contest.

With Sir Vince Cable announcing he is set to stand down, the contest to be the next Liberal Democrat leader is underway.

Tonight Iain Dale will interview leadership hopeful Jo Swinson.

Get involved in today's debate by calling Jo on 0345 60 60 973.

You can also text 84850 or tweet @LBC.

To watch Iain Dale grill Jo Swinson click the video at the top of the page, to see Iain Dale interviewing the other Lib Dem leadership candidate Ed Davey click here.