Iain Dale Points Out Labour MP Mary Creagh's Hypocrisy Over Unelected Prime Ministers

3 July 2019, 20:44

Watch the moment Iain Dale took one Labour MP to task over her comments on Theresa May's "coronation" as Prime Minister

While speaking about on Iain Dale's Cross Question debate about the Conservative Leadership election Mary Creagh said the new Prime Minister who was going to "chart a path" through the Brexit "crisis" would be chosen by "160,000 members of the Conservative Party."

The Labour MP also said the Tory Party had been "infiltrated by Nigel Farage's Brexit Party," citing an increase in members the party had received.

But, Conservative MP Tracey Crouch disagreed with her analysis of the situation.

Mrs Creagh said it was about a "tiny percentage" who would choose the next Prime Minister, suggesting Theresa May had a "coronation."

Iain Dale said: "Hang on a second, there is so much hypocrisy here, what was Gordon Brown apart from a coronation?"

Referring to the 2008 Labour leadership contest when Gordon Brown took control of the party and country from Tony Blair, "he didn't even have anybody opposing him," Iain said taking the MP to task.

"That's true," the Labour MP answered, "And, I did nominate him" she said.

Watch the entire clip at the top of the page to see Iain Dale and the panel's reaction, or watch the whole hour of Iain Dale's Cross Question here.