Iain Dale questions Tory MP on why Boris Johnson hasn't visited flood affected areas

27 February 2020, 13:38 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 13:51

Iain Dale was joined for the cross question by a Conservative MP who struggled to explain why the Prime Minister hasn't visited areas of the UK affected by floods.

Harriett Baldwin, the MP for West Worcestershire was in studio for Iain Dale's cross questions speaking about the damage floods from storms Ciara and Dennis have wreaked on parts of England.

The floods have been some of the worst the UK has ever seen and have brought the PM under the spotlight for his lack of presence in areas affected by the disasters.

Iain Dale asked Ms. Baldwin why the Prime Minister has been absent from these areas where the clean-up operations are most stretched.

"To have a prime minister rocking up would not be ideal" she put bluntly. Ms. Baldwin went further to suggest the best that the PM could do would be to wait until the clean-up operations are finished to visit the areas.

Floods have affected some of the most vulnerable parts of the country
Floods have affected some of the most vulnerable parts of the country. Picture: PA

"He can come and thank all the amazing men and women who helped with this emergency response".

The MP for West Worcestershire stressed the point that the PM is there solely for moral support in these areas and "whether he's doing anything by being there is another matter".

Matt Tedford was in studio for cross questions and he stressed the fact that this is not only a British issue at the moment "it's something going on around the world".

Mr. Tedford pointed out "there's a lot of knee jerk reactions when these extreme weather conditions happen" and called for a wider conversation over how we can combat such problems in the future rather than applying quick fixes to the issues affecting areas of England at the moment.