Iain Dale takes aim at Joe Biden for 'appeasing Vladimir Putin'

20 January 2022, 21:56

Iain Dale takes aim at Joe Biden for 'appeasing Vladimir Putin'

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Iain Dale took aim Joe Biden for "appeasing Vladimir Putin".

Iain said: "You know the phrase 'if you don't learn from history you are condemned to repeat it'?

"Well, I wish Joe Biden would learn from history - because yesterday he effectively tried to emulate Neville Chamberlain.

"He was appeasing Vladimir Putin, which I think he's been doing frankly ever since he became President."

"And he effectively said that if Russia only does a minor incursion into Ukraine [then they] won't really see that as an invasion and there won't be as serious consequences as if it was a full invasion.

"Now, how do you think that was read in the Kremlin.

"Well, I know exactly it would have been read in the Kremlin.

"It would have been read as weakness."

He later added: "Most people expect that the Russians are going to invade Ukraine in the near future.

"Now, I would like to see a US President standing up to that.

"I'm not suggesting that we in the West should go to war over Ukraine.

"But I don't think demonstrating signs of weakness is actually going to help anybody, particularly the Ukrainians."