Iain Dale’s Poweful Defence Of The Manchester Vigil Is A Must-Watch

25 May 2017, 17:55 | Updated: 25 May 2017, 18:59

This is Iain Dale’s passionate and emotional message to those who has slated vigils held for the victims of the Manchester bombing.

Today (Thursday) hundreds of mourners filled St Anne’s Square in Manchester to remember the 22 killed in Monday’s bombing.

There has, however, been criticism of such vigils, with many on social media saying the time for candlelit events are “over”.

But for those making such remarks, Iain has a very strong message for you.

“Do not disrespect people who want to light candles in these situations, that kind of remark is in poor taste.

“Most of us do not know how to react to these events, most of us react emotionally to these events.

“I said the other day the morning after [the Manchester bombing] I found myself shaving and actually tears were running down my cheek as I listened to people telling their stories.

“Now I’m not ashamed to tell you that, I’m not ashamed to react with emotion to these things because I think anyone that doesn’t is probably a very, very cold person.”