Great Britain Could End Up Consisting Of England And Wales, Says Jeffrey Archer In Detailed Snap Election Prediction

10 September 2019, 21:11

Writer Jeffrey Archer detailed in an insightful step-by-step prediction the possible outcome of a snap election which would end with “Great Britain consisting of England and Wales."

Talking to Iain Dale, he predicted the Conservatives would have the biggest number of members, followed by Labour, then SNP as the third biggest party and Liberal Democrats with the lowest number.

“If you’ve got a situation where the largest party has not reached 326, but the remaining parties are comfortably over 336, in theory – not that anything has been in practice recently – in theory, Her Majesty the Queen will call for Boris Johnson.

“In theory he will say ‘I cannot form a government’, and she will then call the leader of the next biggest party. In which case she will call Mr Corbyn.”

From then, he said, “Mr Corbyn will become Prime Minister but he will have to make a deal with the SNP and a deal with the Liberals.

“With the SNP his deal will be ‘you get another referendum to leave the United Kingdom. And Nicola Sturgeon’s whole front will then be ‘I’ll get you back into Europe if only we can get rid of the rest of Britain’.

“Then the Northern Ireland problem; Corbyn could get rid of the ten DUP people if he had a referendum on whether the North should join the south.

We could end up in five, ten years time with Great Britain consisting of England and Wales.”

Watch the insightful prediction above.