John Prescott Says Appetite For A Second EU Referendum Is “Going To Develop”

26 September 2017, 16:57 | Updated: 26 September 2017, 17:45

John Prescott has told LBC he is “sure” that public appetite for a second referendum on Brexit is “going to develop” over time.

The former Labour minister said David Davis didn’t “have a chance in hope” of negotiating a deal with the bloc.

Earlier today Sadiq Khan hinted Labour may back a second referendum while speaking at the party’s conference in Brighton.

The Mayor of London suggested he would press for a commitment to a further national vote on the final deal to be included in the next election manifesto.

Responding to that claim with Iain Dale, Mr Prescott said: “I’m sure that’s going to develop. I mean we are already realising £350m-a-week for the hospitals was never true.

“There are real big issues about the freedom of movement of labour, we are making it clear, and it was the Labour Party that said there should be a transition period else you go over the cliff edge, now the Tories accept that.

“So there are big arguments, how long is that? What are the rules? Is there a change then in the European Union? That’s possible, you’ve got them referring the rules into public/private finance and nationalisation.

“So let’s look what it is, and when it gets to that day we’ll all have to make a decision.”

Watch the full, in-depth interview below.