Junior Doctor Fears NHS Health Tourism Charges Could Lead To Racial Profiling

23 October 2017, 18:42 | Updated: 23 October 2017, 18:58

Charging foreign patients for planned, non-urgent treatment on the NHS could lead to racial profiling, a junior doctor has claimed.

During an explosive debate with Iain Dale, Yannis Goursoyannis said there was a “real risk” the new charges, which came in to use in England on Monday, would affect “vulnerable” and “poor people of colour” who’ve come from abroad.

The government hopes the move, which does not include A&E, GP or infectious disease treatment, will contribute to £22bn of savings needed in the NHS.

But the junior doctor insisted there was “very little abuse” on the NHS by people travelling from abroad.

In the heated clash on LBC, Mr Goursoyannis said: “I believe there is a real risk that this will introduce racial profiling in to the NHS and I’ve seen things that butt that idea.”

Watch the fiery clip above and see whose side you’re on.