Livid Labour voter tears into Barry Gardiner over Brexit: "You take us for idiots"

2 December 2019, 12:06

This lifelong Labour voter tore into Barry Gardiner live on LBC for refusing to give a proper Brexit option in the second referendum they are promising.

Labour have said they would negotiate a "credible" Brexit deal within three months of winning the general election, with a referendum to be held within six months between that deal and remaining in the EU.

But James called in from Merthyr Tydfil to say they are ignoring the result of the first referendum.

Calling Iain Dale's phone-in with the Shadow International Trade Secretary, James said: "As a Labour supporter for all of my life, for you to turn around and tell me you're going to get me back into the Labour Party by offering me a referendum between a choice between Remain-lite and Remain.

"How stupid do you take us for? You take us for utter idiots, don't you Barry?

"You're going against what we voted for Barry. Why don't you just come out and say it?"

Barry Gardiner faced a very angry Labour supporter live on LBC
Barry Gardiner faced a very angry Labour supporter live on LBC. Picture: LBC

Mr Gardiner insisted that while people did vote to leave, the referendum didn't say how we leave.

He said: "Some people want to leave in the most right-wing way possible..."

But James boomed: "So you're telling me I'm right wing? I've voted Labour all my life.

"This is why we in south Wales are going to give you a massive wake-up call on December 12th.

"You're going to realise south Wales is like Scotland. You took us for granted and you take us for fools."

Mr Gardiner responded: "I've never taken anyone for granted. I've never taken any vote for granted. We must always try to listen to people's concerns and address them.

"But what the referendum said was that people wanted to leave. What wasn't decided was how we should and that's what parliament's been arguing about."

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