Lord Falconer Reveals His Diet Coke Addiction Is Now Worse Than Ever

25 September 2018, 21:32

A former Lord Chancellor has told LBC his Diet Coke addiction is “worse than ever” and he now consumes up to 13 cans a day.

Lord Falconer says he was left addicted to the caffeinated drink after embarking on a strict weight loss regime.

The Labour peer says part of the ongoing self-invented diet is not to eat anything before 6pm.

He says he began to drink Diet Coke as a replacement for eating - which has since left him addicted.

But he spoke with pride as he told Iain Dale he had managed to conduct an hour-long LBC phone-in without one drop.

“My position in relation to Diet Coke is now worse than ever,” he said speaking from the Labour Party conference.

“By which I mean I would probably drink 12 or 13 Diet Cokes in a day.”