Mark Francois Has Furious Row With Former Tory Sam Gyimah Over His Defection To Lib Dems

10 October 2019, 08:51 | Updated: 10 October 2019, 09:32

Mark Francois was involved in a furious row with Sam Gyimah live on LBC over his defection to the Liberal Democrats.

Former Conservative leadership candidate Mr Gyimah joined the Lib Dems recently after having the Tory whip withdrawn by Boris Johnson.

Appearing on LBC for Cross Question, Mr Francois, a leading Tory Brexiter, took aim at him for refusing to say whether he would be standing in his constituency for the upcoming General Election.

He said: "Some months ago I challenged you to deny that you would defect to the Liberals. You flat promised you wouldn't. You stressed in another interview that you've been readopted by your local Conservative party and that they were behind you.

"And then a month later, in return for their loyalty, you basically b******* off anyway.

"You asked them to support you and they did. And you threw their loyalty back in their faces."

Mark Francois and Sam Gyimah had a huge row on Cross Question
Mark Francois and Sam Gyimah had a huge row on Cross Question. Picture: LBC

He then asked him again and again whether he was going to re-stand as a candidate for the Lib Dems in his constituency, asking why his nickname in East Surrey is "Silent Sam".

A frustrated Mr Gyimah responded: "I don't think it's any of your business what I do.

"When I'm in a position to make an announcement as to what I will do in the next election, I will let my constituents know.

"You are the poster child for the Conservative Party. You are what conservatism represents. I'm happy for you. I'm off."

Both Mr Francois and Iain Dale asked him again and he kept refusing to answer - making things even more tense in the LBC studio.

Watch the clash at the top of the page - or watch the whole of Cross Question below.

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