Nicky Morgan Uninspired After Boris' Brexit Speech

14 February 2018, 18:28

Nicky Morgan couldn't find a reason to be optimistic about Brexit from Boris Johnson's speech.

The Foreign Secretary made a key Brexit speech today looking to inspire unity on Brexit.

He insisted it's a cause for "hope not fear" and it would be "disastrous" to try and stop the UK leaving the EU.

Despite being "optimistic by nature", Nicky Morgan wasn't left feeling inspired.

Iain Dale on LBC
Iain Dale on LBC. Picture: LBC

When asked if he had given her a reason to be optimistic in this speech, the Tory MP replied "I think the honest truth is, if my constituents said to me, you know, so what happens next?, I think I'd struggle to answer them at the moment.

"And that's the problem. You know, we can be optimistic but actually if people who run the businesses are worried about actually making plans for staying, working at the University here in Loughborough, or another company, or do they go back home or move somewhere else abroad to go and work?

They're still looking for detail and that's what is still lacking from the government's plans, I think".

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